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Gold will continue to hit record highs over the next several years,

if any of the following occurs:

- Stock Market Failure

- More Foreclosures

- Curriencies Fail (including Foreign Currencies)

- Record Unemployment Rates Continue

- Inflation & The National Debt Continue to Spiral out of Control

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Our Company is changing we will be showcasing the finest Gold and Silver Companies on Earth.


We secure the finest and rarest numistmatic pure gold collectors coins in the world, where most countries do not ship to your destination we will acquire the coin on your behalf.


We specialize in selling Gold and Silver. We have partnered with elite of the Gold and Silver Bullion Industry and are proud to present to you the finest Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion. We have spot silver and spot gold prices and charts available and we can store your Gold or Silver for you. We have live gold prices ready for your inspection. But firstly we would like to explain a little about currency, money and tangible commodities. If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us via



We have also partnered with Regalassets, Karatbars International, Bullionvault and GCIL Bullion LTD to give you a variety and choice.


The meaning 'Numismatics' is characterized as the study or collecting coins, decorative medals, paper cash, and so forth. Numismatic is the correct term for authority mint pieces having increased the value of their gatherers as wonderful, old, valuable items, not withstanding the estimation of the metal they contain. There are three "layers" of expense incorporated with the cost of a numismatic coin: metal substance, numismatic premium, and merchant benefit. This as opposed to bullion bars and bullion coins, which have just two layers of expense: metal substance, and merchant benefit. Numismatic currency gathering in wording is an adoration for artistic work, it is not esteemed to be depicted as a riches venture unlike gold and silver legal tender, all the more so as a form of individual personal enjoyment.


The Gold and Silver Company offers a variety of information on how to buy gold and silver bullion aswell as as giving different options on how to invest in gold and silver. As an associate The Gold and Silver Company Market different vendors items and guides the deal to the essential's online store. The Gold and Silver Company do not handle physical gold or physical silver nor do they store bullion in any shape or form on their premises. The reponsibility of storing bullion is in contract of the subsidiary organizations.


As brokers we do not give valuations on any numismatic coins and bars nor do we buy them. We will endeavour to add a list of dealers recommended by us in the near future on to our site. If however you wish to sell your bullion please refer to our partners for prices and advice.


Because of the size and situating in the Bullion business, The Gold and Silver Company have the capacity to offer for their member accomplices the most aggressive premiums on every one of their affiliate items, and are in charge of one of the foundations of the universes gold exchanging frameworks. At the point when customers purchase gold, silver and different valuable metals, they can be sure that they are getting a focused arrangement.


The Gold and Silver Company subsidiary accomplices are close by to help as financial specialists of any level through every progression of the contributing procedure, likewise they additionally give customers the chance to broaden their valuable metals information, while picking up a superior comprehension of the Bullion markets.

*Anyone wishing to purchace gold and silver bullion bars and coins and numismatics must create an account with the participating affiliate companies or ourselves for orders over £5000 to comply with Money Laundering Regulations.

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JOHN PAUL II - 1 kg of gold!


1 kilogram of pure gold!

Symbolic Numismatic Coin


Date: 27.04.2014

Price: 305 000 zł

Now: 265 000 zł

Product no 2036083

Circulation 9

Mass 1 kg

Material Gold 999.9 Proof

Dimensions 90 mm

Issue date 2014-04-27




Please contact us to reserve the coin on



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